If you had an account with MyLunchMoney, your online payments account has been successfully upgraded to MySchoolBucks. Your MyLunchMoney registered email address is your MySchoolBucks username and your current password will stay the same.

A few things to note:

  • All of your students, account balances, meal histories, SmartPay (automatic payment) settings and profile details are still available.

  • If you used the MyLunchMoney mobile app on your smartphone, please remove and download the MySchoolBucks mobile app available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

  • Payments made through MySchoolBucks will appear on your bank/credit card statement as the name of the district where your student attends school.


Go to to make a deposit.

If sending in checks to pay for lunches, please send a separate check to each building your child(ren) attends. Make checks payable to the Tonawanda City School District.


Students are allowed to charge meals EVEN IF funds are not in their account.

Students may charge up to three meals. Once a student has charged three meals, a letter will be sent and/or a phone call will be made to the parent/guardian regarding the account balance.

The only item(s) permitted to be charged are a complete meal or milk. A la carte items such as snacks or ice cream may not be charged.

Once the charge limit has been reached, and if the student comes to school without a lunch, a complete meal or milk will be provided to the student that day with such charge added onto the account. If, after exceeding the allowable meal charge limit, a student continues to come to school without a lunch, the District may contact Social Services.

We would appreciate your cooperation in making sure your child's account balance remains positive. If you are facing a unique situation or in financial hardship, please call the Director of Business & Finance at (716) 694-7680 or complete a lunch application for review.


A new cafeteria program, through SL-Tech, introduces a device that allows students to access meal accounts by using a sensor that identifies the child by the touch of his/her finger. The technology uses a scanner to generate an image of the ridges and valleys in the finger. This image is converted to a template which consists of minutiae points on a finger that are unique to an individual. It is NOT a fingerprint.

The scan image/ID match is pictured to the right.

When a student places his/her finger on the touchpad scanner, the system creates a numerical template based on the scan image, checks it against templates in the database and returns an ID match. The scan is NOT a fingerprint. There is no way to generate a fingerprint from a child's template.

For more information about the process, please read the SL-Tech Technical FAQs Information Sheet.

Middle and High School students can still use their 9-digit student ID number or slide their ID card through the new device to pay for meals.