Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

Our district continues to overcome the challenges of providing a safe, meaningful, and rigorous educational program that meets the needs of all students in a pandemic period. We are proud of our response, programming, and supports provided as our students continued to learn, grow, and experience our curriculum and associated opportunities in a caring and positive environment.

This year, we will strive to move forward and to further enhance our programs and services that many of our students and families expect from our district. The continued and changing COVID-19 mandates and protocols require the district to take actions that may not be preferred by every constituent. However, our efforts and actions to follow these mandates and requirements are in the best effort to keep our students in school five days per week, keep our programs fully operational, minimize the potential number of infections and subsequent lengthy quarantines, and to provide the safest learning environment for all our students to achieve gains. We continue to create, collaborate, communicate, and care for our school community. Together, we will succeed in supporting our students to reach their educational goals and experience academic gains.

Our community continues to support our district and value our goals. The relationships that we share with our students, staff, families, and community members makes Tonawanda a great place to raise children. Your trust in our staff allows us to set high expectations and then support each student in exceeding them. Your continued support of our district is most recognizable through the Warrior Pride shared by all.

Our staff works extremely hard to provide opportunities for all students to achieve, reach their goals, and be accepted in Warrior Nation. We pledge to serve our students and support their families so that every student grows academically, socially, emotionally, and as a citizen in our community. All of this is accomplished by our defined way of doing business, which is putting kids first.

Additionally, our building, facilities and operations staff have done incredible work during the school year to support our students and staff. Most recently, these staff members have been an incredibly valuable component of the TONA2020 capital project transitions from the closing of Fletcher School to the transitions of the fourth and fifth grade classrooms to our other buildings. We anticipate opening the new building at the Fletcher School campus in the fall of 2023.

There is no question that the Tonawanda City School District employs dedicated staff members in every aspect of the organization. They are appreciated and recognized.

I offer my best wishes for a successful 2021-2022 school year to all constituents. We all are striving to offer the best educational opportunities for all of our students in a safe and secure environment.

Dr. Timothy A. Oldenburg
Superintendent of Schools