Dear Tonawanda School Community:

 Thank you for your continued support as we begin another school year in Tonawanda.  Every school year offers much to celebrate and recognize.  Our classrooms are buzzing with energy and excitement as the curriculum begins to take form.  Our athletic and performing arts programs are underway, with our first home varsity football game being played this evening.

 Our students and staff have developed routines and are picking up the pace in all aspects of our programming and procedures.  Thanks to all of our students, staff, and families for their understanding and consideration as we began our academic year and opened a new school.

 The new Tonawanda Elementary School is an incredible building and addition to the Tonawanda community.  The excitement and love for learning from students and staff is only enhanced by this dynamic new environment.

 Our students and staff are taking great pride and care of our new learning spaces inside the building.  Students are exploring new ideas and content in bright and comfortable classrooms.  Special area teachers are delivering creative lesson in areas of Art, Music, and Physical Education in new larger workspaces. 

 Your partnership and trust allows our district to have strong community connectivity and pride in the work that we do for the children of Tonawanda.  We continue to provide rigorous, innovative, and supportive programming that is designed to meet the needs of all students.

 Thank you for your continued support and willingness to help us continue to offer great experiences for our entire school community.


Dr. Timothy A. Oldenburg
Superintendent of Schools