It is recommended that, whenever possible, medication be administered before or after school under the direction of a parent/guardian. Occasionally, it is necessary for a child to receive medication during the school day. To comply with New York State Education Law, there are certain requirements which must be met before medication can be given to a student during school hours. These are:

  • A written request from the child’s licensed prescriber and co-signed by the parent/guardian must be submitted annually, dated July 1 or later.

  • Clear and definite directions by the licensed prescriber for diagnosis, dosage, route, time and frequency of the prescribed medication must be submitted.

  • An adequate supply of medication in the pharmacy-labeled original bottle must be brought directly to the school health office by the parent. Do NOT send medication to school with a child.

  • Any student who requires an EPI-PEN or Inhaler must also fulfill the above medical documentation in order for him/her to carry the medication (grades 6-12) on his/her person during school hours and/or any extracurricular activity. The same must be adhered to for students in grades UPK to 5 (medications must remain in the nurse’s office).

  • If a student is attending an overnight field trip, the family must supply the script (adhering to the above script guidelines) and the medication. This pertains to all prescribed and over-the-counter medication, whether taken at home or at school.

The medication will be kept secure in the health office in a locked cabinet. A form is available from the school nurse and must be completed and returned to the school by the parent/guardian, along with a supply of medication and an original prescription before the medication can be administered in school.