Athletic Event Guidelines

Fall 2021 Athletic Guidance 

Tonawanda City School District  is going to use the following protocols for ALL Fall 2021 Athletics based on the Erie County Department of Health Guidance.

All individuals must be fully masked when entering any Tonawanda City School District  building. This includes Athletes, Coaches, Spectators and all Staff. 

Indoor Activities: ECDOH requires players, coaches, and staff to mask at all times, including during practice and play, for all indoor youth sport activities. For indoor sports and extracurricular activities in which masking is not possible (ex. swimming), a minimum distance of 6 feet must be maintained. 

Outdoor Activities: ECDOH further requires players, coaches, and staff to mask at all times when not actively playing (i.e. sitting on the bench or sidelines) for all outdoor youth sport activities. Players may remove their masks during game play if they are unable to physically tolerate masking. Athletes and coaches who are not engaging in physical activity (i.e. sitting on the bench or sidelines) should maintain a distance of at least 6 feet.


Indoor Activities: All Spectators must wear masks properly. Spectators should maintain proper social distancing

Outdoor Activities: Mask wearing and Social Distancing is strongly recommended.