American Rescue Plan & Foundation Aid Funding

Plan Requirement:

All public school districts and Local Educational Agencies (LEA) participating in the American Recovery Rescue Plan (ARP) are required to establish a plan for the usage of the ARP funds that complies with the program’s guidelines. These guidelines further state that the ARP plan created by the Tonawanda City School District should allow for the continuation of the programs or program-related items beyond the availability of these federal funds.

Prior to the District’s ARP plan becoming final, it will be posted publicly to allow for public comments. The District encourages all of its stakeholders to comment on the plan via the form established for this purpose. Our stakeholders include students, staff members, parents, guardians and community members. Public comments on this plan will be considered as the District finalizes this plan.

View the draft plan for Tonawanda City Schools...

Public Comment:

The District sought public comments related to the anticipated use of the American Rescue Plan funding allocated to our school district. These planned expenditures align with the requirements and mandates for this funding and the needs of our students, instructional programs and technological equipment.

Comments were collected until Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at noon.