The following clubs and activities are available for students. Listen to the announcements or contact an advisor for more information about joining.


HS Club / Program

HS Announcers Club

HS Band Club

HS Book Club

HS Chorus Club

HS Donate Life

HS Drama Club

HS Environmental Club

HS Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

HS French Club

Grade 9 Advisor

Grade 10 Advisor

Grade 11 Advisor

Grade 12 Advisor

HS Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

HS Mentor Club

HS Musical Director

HS Musical Pit Band Director

HS Musical Vocal Director

HS National Honor Society (NHS)

HS Ski Club

HS Spanish Club

HS Stage Crew

HS Student Council

HS Warriors Club

HS Yearbook

HS Youth Court


Shawn Lodovico

Chris Rudroff

Patty Mulcahy / Emma Florian

Amanda Urbaniak

Robin D’Amato

Daniel Lynch / Jennifer Mysliwy

Kristin Planz-Christian

Robin D’Amato

Cindy Gregoretti

Patty Mulcahy

Emma Florian

Shawn Lodovico

Jaclyn Kiera

Joelle Labert

Scott Benson

Daniel Lynch

Chris Rudroff

Amanda Urbaniak

Pamela Korff

Ron Sesnie

Sara Kelley

Daniel Lynch

Bailey King

Jaclyn Kiera

Tina Edholm-McNelis

Eric Zastrow


MS Club / Program

MS Announcers Club

MS Art Enrichment

MS Book Club

MS Chess Club

MS Environmental Club

MS French Club

MS History Club

MS Jazz Club

MS Memory Book

MS Musical Director

My Fair Ladies

National Junior Honor Society

MS Science Club

MS Service Club

MS Spanish Club

MS Student Council


Pam Korff / Angela Klentos

Dan Lynch

Leanne Downey

Julie Insinna

Angela Klentos

Julie Insinna

Karen Russell

Christopher Taylor

Tina McNelis

Dan Lynch / Ellen Aroune

Gineen Frenning

Pamela Korff

Leanne Downey / Laura Schmidt

Gineen Frenning

Kyle Mittlefehldt

Valerie Velasquez