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World champion BMX stunt biker Matt Wilhelm visits Fletcher

You may have seen him on "America’s Got Talent", in the X Games, or in the Guinness Book of World Records for his stunt bike tricks, but on March 4, he was seen at Fletcher Elementary School showing students a few of his tricks and talking to them about the importance of practice, never giving up and believing in one’s dreams.

Matt Wilhelm, professional BMX stunt bike rider, was brought into the school, sponsored by the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). His message to the students was enlightening and inspirational as he spoke to them on his journey from starting out “crashing”, getting hurt, and ending up in last place in a competition toward becoming a world champion and Guinness World Record holder. Alongside his message of perseverance, Wilhelm was highly entertaining and fascinated the students with multiple tricks throughout the show, which he was able to make look so easy!

Students cheered and were eager to volunteer. The show was a big hit for the school and students and was a great way to start out a Monday morning!

BMX Stunt Biker Matt Wilhelm