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Why Fletcher Students are Out of This World!

Astronaut Don Thomas presents to students

Fletcher Elementary School students got a firsthand look at the Earth from outer space today when they got a chance to see pictures taken by NASA Astronaut Don Thomas, who shared his experiences when he visited Fletcher students recently.

Dr. Thomas, who holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Cornell University, spoke to the students about what life is like in outer space as well as the long road it took him toward becoming an astronaut. The theme loudly rung to students was to work hard and never give up!

After listening to Dr. Thomas speak, students had an opportunity to ask the astronaut several questions about outer space, including how astronauts eat, drink and sleep in space. After the assembly, one lucky student from each classroom was invited to have lunch with Dr. Thomas, where they had an opportunity to speak more with him on his experiences and ask questions.

It was a fun day had by all and was held in coordination with the school’s Reading Celebration Week with the theme, “Reading Takes Me Out of this World”, and was sponsored by the school’s PTSA.