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State Senator Sees STEAM Activities in Action at Fletcher

Scribbler Robots Fletcher Elementary students showed their technological expertise to state Sen. Marc Panepinto during a tour highlighting all the STEAM learning happening throughout the building. The district’s science, technology, engineering, arts, math initiative at the elementary level is being coordinated by Renee Brady, the district’s elementary STEAM instructional coach.
The senator started the visit today (Nov. 5) in the school library by meeting the student experts for the Scribbler Robots. He watched as the robots, which were computer programmed by the students, turned in circles on the floor. When a marker was inserted into the robot, it could draw a circle on a large sheet of paper. 
He was a guest on the Broadcaster’s Club morning announcement show and said hello to all the students watching on the smart boards in their classes. 
In his stop at the math classroom of Julie Russo, he sat with students as they calculated the height of a building wall using Legos to engineer parts of the structure based on a math assignment. The Lego manipulatives assist students as they work to understand mathematical and basic engineering concepts. 
In Dan Wodarczak’s room, students were all using their Chromebooks to answer math questions using the assessment website Socratic. The website can be programmed with common core math problems and every student is engaged with work at the same time. Mr. Wodarczak sees the student’s answers to the problems and can differentiate his instruction based on the immediate data to work with students who don’t understand a math problem.
The Middle School has a 1:1 initiative with Chromebooks this year so each middle school student has a tablet assigned to them for use at school and home. At the elementary buildings, each grade level has a set of classroom Chromebooks to share. The senator was also able to learn about the ongoing staff development technology training.
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