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MS/HS Health teacher earns Community Champion Award

On May 2, Middle School/High School Health teacher Daryle Macro received the Community Champion Award from PreventionFocus.

PreventionFocus is a proactive approach that keeps healthy people healthy and gives those at higher risk a better chance of avoiding dangerous and unhealthy behaviors, according to its website. The organization works with Mr. Macro to teach students "LifeSkills Training," which aims to prevent alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use and violence by targeting social and psychological factors that promote the start of substance use and other risky behaviors.

"Daryle has fully integrated PreventionFocus programs like 'Too Good for Drugs' and 'SPORT' into his health lessons at Tonawanda Middle and High School and reinforces the messages delivered by our staff constantly, maximizing the effectiveness," Mr. Macro's biography for the award stated. " His enthusiasm about the program has become infectious with the middle and high school administration, as well as the students we serve in partnership with him. His efforts have made our presence in Tonawanda a wonderful experience over the last four years."

Daryle Macro with award