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Mullen Special Ed teacher earns Silver Apple Award

Amy Feldmann, a 12:1:1 special education teacher at Mullen Elementary School in the Tonawanda City School District, earned the Silver Apple Award, which recognizes excellence in special education.

According to Alison Parzych, an Erie 1 BOCES regional special education training specialist who created the award, “Amy implements an effective and efficient progress monitoring system with ease, writes measurable annual goals based on data collected, and collaborates with her colleagues in writing beyond compliant IEPs.”

She continues on, “Amy is attentive to her students’ needs by changing her instruction based on progress monitoring data. She digs deep to find the root of the cause for her students’ needs areas and targets them with specially designed instruction. This makes Amy the perfect candidate for the Silver Apple Award!”

The Silver Apple Award lets teachers know their work ethic is appreciated. It shines a spotlight on teachers who are innovative or adapt/adopt the practices shared with them during trainings.

Teacher with Silver Apple Award

Above: Amy Feldmann with her Silver Apple award and Alison Parzych, who created the award.