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Tonawanda students help save the planet – one bag at a time

All it takes is a willingness to do the right thing, and students in Robin D’Amato’s and Kristin Christian’s Essential Life Skills classes took action.

As part of their unit on civic values and responsibilities, the two Tonawanda High School classes worked together to collect 2,075 plastic shopping bags. In addition, the classes made 40 reusable bags from old T-shirts and donated them to St. Francis Food Pantry.

“About 100,000 marine animals die every year because they get entangled in plastic, which is one reason why proper recycling of plastic materials is important,” D’Amato noted. “Plastic shopping bags also have oils and inks that can seep into the ground and our food. We’re hopeful our homemade reusable bags help make a difference in preventing these things from happening.”

The students started a friendly collection competition to gather plastic bags formerly destined for the landfill. The bags were then dropped off at Tops Friendly Markets for proper recycling.

Students with reusable bags

Above: Pictured, from left to right: Vinny McMindes, Cole Miller, Jessica Evans and Samantha Costello with their homemade reusable bags.