Required CoursesRegents DiplomaAdvanced Regents Diploma
English4 credits4 credits
Social Studies4 credits4 credits
Mathematics3 credits**3 credits
Science3 credits**3 credits
Foreign Language1 credit*
3 credits ***
1 credit1 credit
Health.5 credits.5 credits
Physical Education2 credits2 credits
Sequence/Electives3.5 credits1.5 credits
Total22 credits22 credits


All exams must be passed with a score of 65% or above. For a Regents Diploma, one appeal of a score of 60-64 is allowed.

Course ExamAdvanced Regents Diploma (9 Exams)Regents Diploma (5 Exams)
English Language Artsxx
Algebra I or Geometryx (BOTH required)x
Algebra IIx
Global History & Geography IIxx
U.S. History & Governmentxx
Sciencex (TWO required)x
Foreign Languagex***

*Students are required to have completed one unit of credit in a foreign language by the end of their freshman year, unless LOTE exempt.

**An integrated course in mathematics/science/technology may be used as the third required unit of credit in mathematics or science.

***Students acquiring 5 units of credit in Art, Music, Business, Technology or CTE (BOCES) may be exempt from the Foreign Language requirement or a student with a disability may be LOTE exempt.