TONA 2020

Elementary School Improvement & Consolidation Project

The project was APPROVED by voters on Oct. 22, 2019. The tally was 883 "yes" (64.9%) and 478 "no" (35.1%). Thank you to everyone who participated in the vote!

Project UpdateS:
  • 06/23/21- FLETCHER: On the morning of Monday, June 28th the Site Contractor will begin fence installation around the perimeter of the project site. You can expect to see mobilization of construction equipment and machinery that same morning as the contractor plans to start select site demo and staging area build-outs shortly after.
    The following week after the holiday, Tuesday July 6th the General trades Contractor will begin stripping topsoil at the addition areas, surveying/layout of foundations, and begin foundation excavation on or around July 12th and flow right into footers/foundations/concrete work.
    The site is going to become very busy in a few weeks so the community can expect to see a lot of construction activity and construction vehicles coming and going from the site.
  • 06/03/21 - MULLEN: Both temporary classrooms are in transit and are expected by the end of the weekend, June 6.
  • 06/03/21 - RIVERVIEW: The first of two temporary classrooms will arrive as early as today. The other is expected by the end of the weekend, June 6.
  • 05/26/21 - MULLEN: The first temporary classroom has shipped from the manufacturing facility. It will arrive at Mullen School on Thursday, June 3. It will take 2-3 weeks for the connections, cleaning, and installation process to take place. This puts us on pace to have some teachers/staff in these rooms setting up or unpacking before the end of the school year, if we remain on this schedule.
  • 05/17/21 - Letter from Dr. Oldenburg regarding district updates, including the TONA2020 project
  • 05/14/21 - MULLEN: Materials that will be used to link Mullen School to the new temporary classrooms will be delivered as early as today, May 14. We expect to see manpower, tools, equipment, etc. begin to be set-up onsite as early as Monday, May 17, with construction starting, provided materials are onsite. Additional construction is scheduled to start on the Geo-pier installation of the temporary classrooms at Mullen School on Monday, May 24. The temporary classrooms will be delivered in the coming weeks.
  • 03/26/21 - Letter from Dr. Oldenburg regarding the TONA2020 project and district COVID updates
  • 02/19/21 - Letter from Dr. Oldenburg regarding COVID updates and information on the TONA2020 project
  • 02/02/21 - Update from Dr. Oldenburg regarding Fletcher construction


**Please see below for photo galleries of construction progress on the TONA2020 project. New photos will be added to the start of each gallery.

The first gallery immediately below is for the Fletcher Elementary School site, which ends with renderings of the future building. The second gallery is for the temporary classrooms at Mullen and Riverview schools.

Below the galleries is an animation offering a glimpse into what is in store for Fletcher's future renovations.