Maintaining school discipline is the responsibility of the faculty, staff and parents.Students are to behave in a courteous manner towards all students and adults in our school.Students must follow rules of common courtesy, safety and acceptable social behavior in the school, at the bus stop and on the playground.Please encourage your child to follow all rules for their safety as well as others.

Respect and responsibility are the foundation of our discipline approach.Students are responsible for their own actions and must realize that all behaviors are met with consequences.Discipline measures are fair and consistent in accordance with the Tonawanda City School District’s Code of Conduct.

Parents are requested to review the following guidelines with their child (ren):

Children will be cooperative, caring and respectful to other children and adults.

Children are responsible for their own belongings and are respectful of other people’s property.

Children will always be respectful of school property, i.e., school grounds, classroom, lavatories, books, cafeteria, auditorium, gym and hallways.

Children will follow the classroom rules.


It is important that your child is dressed properly to be ready to learn daily.It has been found that children who are dressed in appropriate clothing do better in school.Safety is also an important consideration.

Inappropriate footwear (flip-flops, clogs, any backless shoes, sneakers with wheels, high-heeled shoes) is a hazard and NOT allowed in school.

Please send your child to school:

Dressed and groomed neatly in clothes which are suitable to school activities.

Dressed appropriately for the weather.

Dressed in clothes with no obscene language, alcohol, or tobacco promotion messages.

Shorts and skirts (when standing with arms down) must be fingertip length

Shirts must cover stomachs.No halters or spaghetti straps on shirts.Shirt straps must be 3 finger width.

Have a book bag to hold lunch boxes, supplies, books, homework, and folders.

Hats/hoods (any head gear) must be removed while in school.

Questions of inappropriate dress will be handled on an individual basis.


The bus is considered an extension of the school for behavioral purposes.ALL SCHOOL RULES APPLY.Appropriate conduct and courtesy are expected at all times.

For the safety and security of all children, the following policies will be strictly adhered to:

Students will be picked up and dropped off at designated locations only.

Students are to be at their assigned bus stop 10 minutes prior to the pick-up time.

If your child misses the bus, please escort him/her to school that day and sign in at the office.

Students are to wait for the bus to come to a complete stop, the red lights to flash, and the driver to signal before approaching the bus to board.

The parent or designated person must wait at the bus stop with the kindergarten student in the morning and is also required to be at the stop to meet the kindergarten student in the afternoon.

Refer to Arrival and Dismissal Procedure for more information.