Breakfast and Lunch Program

The Breakfast Program

The school breakfast program is available to all students. A nutritious start to the day will help students be more productive learners. Menus will be sent home monthly.

Breakfast is offered daily between 8:20 and 8:30 a.m. Free and reduced meals are available for every student in the District. Applications for this program can be obtained from the school office.

Information for prepaying may be found on the breakfast calendar sent home monthly.

The Lunch Program

Fletcher Elementary School has lunch periods of one-half hour each between the hours of 11:05 a.m. and 1:20 p.m. There are a number of lunch items that can be ordered a la carte such as milk, ice cream, cookies, and pretzel sticks. To monitor your child’s snack consumption, you may want to limit snack purchases to once per week.

We would appreciate your cooperation in making sure your child's account balance remains positive. If you are facing a unique situation or in financial hardship, please call the Director of Business & Finance at (716) 694-7680 or complete a lunch application for review.

If your child has special dietary needs (allergies to specific foods), please notify the school nurse. She will notify the classroom teacher and cafeteria staff.