WELCOME BACK. welcome  I hope your weekend was relaxing.  Give your kids a hug for me and check on "thumb-body's feelings" by asking your child to show thumbs up ,sideways, or down to show how they are feeling each day(you can do, too, with them).  We talk about how that helps us be compassionate towards others by allowing for more acts of kindness or giving them space to work through thumbs-down feelings and understand how to react to their actions towards us.  (Sometimes we check in the morining and afternoon - maybe before bedtime, too).

    OK... I have put our new assignments into the calendar.  Do your best to be your best!

    P.S.  I will be putting messages (written or voice) into RAZKIDS.  Please tell kids to be on the look-out for "messages" in the dashboard (below level up rocket). Always- use remind app to send pics or for questions or concerns.   CHECK OUT "cheerish the moments" for slideshow.

    Remember..."reading is thinking". 

    Enjoy a good book below OR grab a great book from home. 

    Find your 'just right book' and step into the story.       

    Do all the things "good readers" do!   


        fit image    Leveled Readers
                                   (Harcourt reading series)