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    Welcome To Fletcher Swim Class

      with Mr. Trenchard and Mrs. Eikenburg
        Welcome back Fletcher students and parents! We are ready for yet another year in the pool. There's a few things that you need to know before we can get in and start swimming! First, in order for you to be successful in swim class, YOU, the student, must be prepared on your particular swim day. If you miss any time, I expect you to see myself or Mrs. Eikenburg to collect any information that you may have missed. Next, since we will be traveling to a different school, YOU, the student, must be on your best behavior. The High School has generously allowed us to learn to swim in their competition pool. If we can accomplish these tasks, we will get the absolute most out of the swim program this year!

    Monday: (8:45-9:45) Tryka, (9:45-10:45) Meyer, (10:45-11:45) Burgett
     Tuesday: (8:45-9:45) Schwob, (9:45-10:45) Fuerch, (10:45-11:45) Sugg 
     Wednesday: (8:45-9:45) Caron, (9:45-10:45) Greiner, (10:45-11:45) Kennedy
    Thursday: (8:45-9:45) Rice, (9:45-10:45) Borth, (10:45-11:45) Witherell
     Friday: (9:45-10:45) Smider, (10:45-11:45) Anastasi
     This Week: 4th Grade- Review Basics, Floats, Flutter Kick (kickboard)
    5th Grade- Warm-up, Flutter Kick (kickboard), Elem. Backstroke
     Contact Me
    Steve Trenchard
      Phone: 694-7670 ext.- 2243
    Email: strenchard@tonacsd.org