• Restore Public Education Funding in New York State

    Since the beginning of the "Great Recession" school districts in Erie County have had more than $2.1 billion in State aid withheld, and schools across the state have lost about $51 billion ($9.5B - GEA and $41.4B - Foundation Aid), resulting in significant cuts in programs and staff. 
    Tonawanda City Schools alone has experienced a GEA loss of $13,129,038 and an additional $13,775,731 in Foundation Aid for a total of $26,904,769.*
    With that background, as supporters of education in Western New York, we call on you to invest in our children's future and restore public education funding in New York State. Change doesn’t happen by accident. Only by communicating effectively with our decision makers can we address the funding deficiencies in New York’s public education system.
    How can you help?
    1.Take action today and sign the petition. 
    Share the link to this petition with your friends, families, colleagues and constituencies. Email it, share it on Facebook, Tweet about it - spread the word!
    2.  Write your state senator and legislator. Ask them to address these issues. Use the Letters to Elected Officials below.
    4.  Learn more!  Visit www.investintheirfuture.org.
    There are four primary issues that create a perfect storm of financial distress in New York’s public education system: 
    InvestInTheirFuture.org explains these issues in detail.

    Letters to Elected Officials

    Please consider sending a letter to your representatives to ask for relief. Sample letters are below. 


    This Video Explains GEA Very Well!
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    Learn More About GEA

    Advocacy for Bills A2271 and S2743
    Schools educate your children, employ your neighbors, are funded by your tax dollars and influence your property values and help attract property owners to your community.

    Advocate for an elimination of the GEA by writing your elected representatives for passage of bills A2271 (click to read bill) and S2743 (click to read bill) which call for the elimination of the GEA under subdivision 17, section 3602 of education law.

    What it has Meant for Our Schools 

    The subsequent cuts in Tonawanda Schools have included:
    • Reductions in teaching, support staff and maintenance
    • Reduction of 15.9 FTE elementary and secondary staff
    • Reduction of 4.5 FTE teacher assistants
    • Elimination of the grant writer and tech integrator positions
    • Elimination of summer curriculum workers and professional development opportunities
    • Loss of 0.5 FTE Athletic Director Position
    • Loss of .5 FTE Assistant Principal Position
    • Loss of 1.0 FTE Social Worker Position
    • Closing an elementary school building
    • Loss of elementary programming
    • Loss of high school electives
    • Increase in Class Size