Middle School Mission Statement

  • We, the staff of Tonawanda Middle School, are committed to providing the best education possible for all of our students through the use of various teaching and learning strategies, coinciding with a standards-based curriculum.

    We will foster a positive environment that promotes academic achievement for all students, while nurturing their social and emotional growth.

    We are determined to monitor student progress as often as possible both in the classroom and in after-school enrichment programs.

    We accept the responsibility to assist all students reach their maximum academic potential, and strive to prepare our students to make responsible decisions in preparation for the many challenges that they will face in the future.

High School Mission Statement

  • We, the staff of Tonawanda High School, in collaboration with all its stakeholders, are committed to:

    • Fostering a positive, caring school climate
    • Ensuring the safety of all students
    • Promoting academic excellence
    • Encouraging social awareness and emotional well-being, with all students reaching their full potential.

    In all we do, we are driven by the belief that students come first!