• New York State Testing
    As I am sure you are well aware, 4th Grade is an important year for State Testing.  Fourth Grade Assessments include ELA (Reading & Writing), Math, and Science.  These tests are challenging and do require quite a bit of effort on the part of the student.  We will be practicing helpful strategies throughout the year.  My goal is to make the children feel comfortable and successful with these tests.
    To help your child be successful on these assessments, please encourage them to always do their best.  On the night before a test, please make sure your child goes to bed early.  Children should eat a healthy breakfast and get to school on time on the days of the assessments.
    Test Dates:
    ELA- April 
    3 Days
    Math- April
    3 Days
    End of May- Hands on Experiments
    First Monday of June- Multiple Choice / Written
    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about these assessments.