• Classroom Expectations:
    All students are expected to be respectful and responsible at all times.  They should follow the Fletcher Responsibilities in all areas of the school, not just in the classroom. 
       Our 4th grade discipline plan includes our "I'm a Leader" clip up chart.  This chart will help your child track their behavior and responsibility. 
       All students will start on "Ready to Learn" each day.  If they they exhibit role-model characteristics, they will be clipped up to "Great Day" and then to "I'm a Leader."  Once they clip up to "I'm a Leader," they will have a star with their name on it added to our "Wall of Fame."  Once they clip up to "I'm a Leader" 6 times, they will earn an individual reward such as sitting in the teacher's chair for the day, sitting with a friend for the day, chewing bubblegum for a day, and many others!  
       If they make a poor choice, they will be asked to clip down to "Think About It."  This is their warning.  If they should misbehave again, they will clip down to "Reflection Sheet."  At this point, they will complete a reflection sheet which will be brought home to be signed that night.  Please discuss your child's behavior with them.  In extreme instances, your child might be clipped straight down to "Parent Contact."  I will call you directly to speak with you about your child's poor choices.  Dr. McKenna will also be involved at this level.
       You will be able to monitor your child's responsiblity and respectfulness by looking at their Weekly Responsibility Sheet each day.  You child will mark which level of the clip chart they ended at each day.  Please encourage your child to clip up each day!