School Board Candidates

  • There will be TWO openings on the Tonawanda City School District Board of Education for the May 15, 2018 election. There will be two candidates running to fill the seats:

    • Heather Sternin
    • Renee Gilbert

    Biographies will be posted here as they are submitted.


    Meet the Candidates:

    Renee Gilbert

    1. What is your educational background?
    I am a graduate of Tonawanda High School.
    Some college
    2. What is your occupation ?
    I work at St. Francis Early Childhood Center as an Administrative Assistant.
    I am also the Before and Afterschool Supervisor for school aged children who attend the City of Tonawanda School District.
    3. Tell us about your family  
    I have been married to my husband, Chuck for 26 years. We have four beautiful children, Victoria, Gabrielle, Jordyn, and Lucas. Victoria is married with two children, Kailah and Zachary. Gabrielle is in 11th grade, Jordyn is in 10th grade, and Lucas is in 7th grade. All of our children have/will graduate from Tonawanda High School.
    4. What are your Community Affiliations ?
    I teach special needs children Religion class at St. Francis of Assisi.
    I am a board member on the St. Francis Early Childhood Center Executive Board since 2014.
    I have been on the Tonawanda Youth Board since 2016.
    I have been involved in the Tonawanda City Schools since 1996 when  my oldest daughter started in Kindergarten. That's 22 years!   
    I have volunteered countless hours in various ways in the schools:
    • Room Mother
    • PTA President
    • Chaired many school events 
    • PTA  Council President  
    • Sat on Ad Hock Committees
    • Sat on Hiring Committees
    • Parent Advocate for Children with Special Needs . I assist families in our School District on what services are available for their child with special needs. Assist the families at their I.E.P meetings
    Started and ran a golf tournament for four years and raised over $30,000.00 for a  summer program for children with Asperger's Disorder at the Summit Center.
    5. What experience do you have ?
    I have over 22 years of experience working with administrators, faculty, parents, and  children in our school district volunteering. I also have 17 years of experience with special needs children with Autism.  I enjoy working with people. 
    6.What is your reason for running?
    I have always been involved in our children's education. I am running for the Board of Education to continue my involvement with their educational opportunities as well as all children of our district.