• Emergencies

    The Tonawanda City School District takes great pride in its commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment for all students and staff.

    Emergency planning has taken place even before the July 1, 2001 requirements under Project SAVE (School Districts Against Violence in Education). This program requires school districts to prepare plans and response actions that are site-specific and address specific emergencies. Administrators are expected to be fluid in their thinking, making decisions based on the situation. They are required to use all resources available to them at the time.

    Together with city officials – including the mayor, police, fire, emergency medical services and the department of public works – collaboration and cooperation exists that assure the school district of rapid response should the need arise.



    Parents/guardians will be contacted via phone, text and/or e-mail using the Blackboard Connect School Communication System as to the nature of the emergency and any further instructions.

    What can parents do to help prepare?

    1. Provide accurate and up-to-date emergency contact information when requested by the district whenever your personal information changes, such as a change in address, e-mail address or personal/work telephone number(s). Having accurate information on the parents of your child is vital to successful communication.

    2. Have the district website bookmarked on your web browser for quick access.

    What should parents do if an emergency occurs?

    1. Do not drive to the school. The district has established methods of immediately contacting all parents. Wait to be contacted by the school at one of the contact numbers you have provided the district by keeping these numbers open during this time.

    2. Listen for information sent via phone from the district.

    3. Listen to AM Radio Station 1670. This station is owned and operated by Tonawanda City School District and will provide frequent updates.

    4. Check your e-mail and text messages regularly.

    5. Visit the district website for updates.

    Working with Police and Fire Officials

    As part of a Crisis Planning Grant sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, the Tonawanda City School District and the Tonawanda Police and Fire Departments have formed a close relationship. Any closings or emergencies are reported directly to the police and fire departments.

Update Your Contact Info!

  • PARENTS: The Tonawanda City School District uses the Blackboard Connect School Communication System to make parents/guardians aware of any important news. Parents/guardians can be contacted by phone, text and/or e-mail.
    To ensure you receive these notifications, please keep your contact information up-to-date at your child’s school.
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