Related Services

  • Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT)

    School-based occupational/physical therapists help students with developmental delays become academically, socially and physically successful in their school environment. This is done using therapeutic techniques, making environmental modifications, and with the use of assistive technology. Prior to an OT or PT evaluation or services, a written physician script must be secured. In addition, therapists work directly with teachers and parents in order to help students develop the necessary skills needed to maximize their independence focusing on helping students improve:
    • eye-hand coordination
    • fine and gross motor skills
    • self-care skills
    • motor planning abilities
    • perceptual skills
    • sensory processing skills
    • play skills 


    Occupational Therapists
    Danielle Williams (Mullen Elementary)
    Sarah Shepler (all other buildings)
    Riverview (homebase), 716-694-7697, ext. 1248
    Fletcher, 716-694-7694, ext. 1616
    Middle/High School 694-7660, ext. 2027

    Physical Therapist

    Susan Calandra
    Faculty Webpage
    Mullen (homebase), 716-694-6805, ext. 1719
    Riverview, 716-694-7697, ext. 1248
    Fletcher, 716-694-7694, ext. 1602
    Middle/High School 694-7660, ext. 2004

    Speech Pathology

    The speech pathologists hold a valid New York State teaching certificate as a speech therapist. Responsibilities include identifying and evaluating students’ communication skills in articulation, language, voice, fluency and auditory. They promote literacy in the early grades through assessing and teaching phonological awareness skills, provide appropriate programs of therapy to meet individual student’s needs and improve speech and language disabilities, assess student progress regularly, providing progress reports and holding appropriate conferences, participates on school’s Instructional Support Team and collaborates with teachers and other professionals.

    Speech Pathologist Stacy Tucker - Riverview, Fletcher

    Speech Pathologist Patricia "Trish" Crean - Mullen
    Faculty Webpage

    Speech Pathologist Jessica Lamphier - Mullen, MS/HS

    Speech Pathologist Jennifer Redanz - MS/HS
    716-694-7660, ext. 2201


    School psychologists must be certified through NYS. They conduct evaluations in a student's native language to study and describe a student's developmental, learning, behavioral and other personality characteristics.
    School Psychologist Doug Peita
    MS/HS, 716-694-7660, ext. 2028

    School Psychologist Mark Mucci
    Mullen, 716-694-6805, ext. 1744
    Riverview, 716-694-7697, ext. 1250
    Fletcher, 716-694-7694, ext. 1616

    Social Work

    Social workers must be NYS certified. They provide psychological counseling to students with IEPs and improvement counseling to those without an IEP. Counseling is provided on an individual or group basis. If the child has an existing outside counselor, the social worker will seek parental consent to work with that person for carry over in treatment. Social workers also link families to outside services they need.
    Social Worker Marie Burger - Mullen, Riverview
    Mullen 716-694-6805, ext. 1745
    Riverview 716-694-7697, ext. 1235
    Social Worker Joelle Labert - HS
    HS 716-694-7660, ext. 2013
    Social Worker Megan Hamm - Fletcher, MS
    Fletcher 716-694-7694 ext. 1509
    MS 716-694-7660 ext. 2026
    Social Worker Stephanie Fitzner - Fletcher (4th), Riverview
    Riverview 716-694-7697 ext. 1235
    Fletcher 716-694-7694 ext. 1509


    The Hearing & Cochlear Implant Program provides a variety of services to students with hearing loss. Programming in this department is highly individualized. This department provides academic support, auditory training, speechreading training, amplification equipment, evaluations, consultations, and staff training at the building level. Students who receive services from this department must have a current audiogram on file by a licensed audiologist or physician referral.

    Teacher for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing / Special Education Teacher Renee Cool 
    716-694-7660, ext. 2122

    Vision Services provided through BOCES