• globeCourse Summaries

    Global 9
    Global Studies 9 is the first part of a two-year course designed to bring a comprehensive understanding of world history and geography.  After a brief unit on geography and culture, we will start with the beginning of world history, and then work our way through time.  We will study the life of the early Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, and the Chinese as well as explore the Middle Ages, the Renaissance Period, and the Age of Exploration.  Global 9 Information Sheet
    Sociology is the scientific study of human social and group behavior.  Okay, this sounds kind of dry.  What kinds of things might is include you ask?  Well, after some kind of dry, potentially boring material in the first week or two, among the many topics and questions we will cover in this course include: Culture, Socialization, Deviant Behavior, Social Structure, Social Inequality, and Family

    The course is designed to introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of behavior and mental processes of human beings and animals.  Students will also be exposed to the ethics and methods psychologists use in their science and practice.  Topics cover a wide selection of material ranging from history and approaches and moving through content such as sensation and perception, personality, and abnormal psychology.  Psychology Information Sheet

    US History 
    US History is a one-year course that begins with colonial times and ends with the modern era.  There will be a lot of time spent on the Constitution and the connection to government and politics today.  At the end of the course there will a NYS Regents exam based on the material from this class.