• Physical Therapy
    Susan Calandra, PT
    My goal as a school based physical therapist (PT) is to provide fun and interactive therapy to any student that has an identified deficit. Physical therapy in the school setting is a support service that requires a doctor's order to address functional skills in the educational environment such as:
    • Walking or wheelchair skills
    • Stair climbing
    • Balance (standing on one leg, hopping on one leg)
    • Coordination (ball handling skills-kicking/catching/dribbling)
    • Large motor skills (running, hopping, skipping)
    • Positioning
    • Assistive technology.
    Some signs that a child may need school based PT are as follows:
    • Navigation of the school- difficulty with walking patterns, stair climbing, opening/closing doors, going up/down ramps or wheelchair skills
    • Gross motor skills- delays with jumping, hopping, skipping, etc
    • Posture- does not sit properly, slumps at desk frequently
    • Balance skills- falls frequently, stumbles when walking
    • Coordination skills- difficulty throwing, catching and kicking
    • Transitional skills- difficulty moving between locations; on/off the school bus, walking in classroom line or moving from sitting to standing