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Mullen Students Paint Rain Barrel for Contest

Mrs. Stoy's, Mrs. Gourney's and Ms. Gardner's first grade classes painted a rain barrel from the Erie County Environmental Planning Department for their annual Rain Barrel Painting Contest in honor of Earth Day 2017. The theme this year was “Harvest a Resource, Recycle the Rain!”

Every year, classes receive barrels, which were previously used to hold syrup at the local Coca Cola Company. Once cleaned, recycled and donated to the contest, Erie County disperses the rain barrels to schools and student-based community groups in Erie and Niagara counties.

Mullen was lucky enough to be one of the schools chosen to participate.  The classes worked together with Mrs. Oliver in the STEM lab to brainstorm ideas for the barrel. Mullen teacher, Mrs. Sampson, drew fruits and vegetables on the barrel and each child helped to paint it. Many students said, “I helped paint that raindrop" or "I helped paint that carrot," sparking a feeling of teamwork and cooperation. In addition, students were taught a lesson about what a rain barrel is and what it does. Mullen Elementary now owns the barrel and plans to put it to use by helping to recycle the rain and water in the gardens at their school.
  Photo of painted rain barrel Photo of painted rain barrel  
 Photo of painted rain barrel   Photo of painted rain barrel