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Buffalo Bandits Visit Fletcher School

The Buffalo Bandits visited the students of Fletcher School to bring along with them important messages of friendship, teamwork, and anti-bullying.

Students were warmly greeted with high fives from “Rax”, the friendly raccoon who is the official mascot for the Buffalo Bandits.  In addition to an appearance from Rax, Mark Steenhuis was in the house alongside players, Dhane Smith and Mitch Jones.

Dhane Smith spoke to students about the importance of being an upstanding person alongside doing the “right thing” when it comes to not being a bully.  Students were energetic over the Bandits and their message and got into the assembly themselves with several shout-outs as well as volunteering on stage.

The school visit of the Buffalo Bandits was highly anticipated and eagerly awaited by many of the students who dressed in the Bandits colors of black and orange that day along with wearing other Bandits themed clothing. 

Fletcher School is much honored to host their visit alongside teaching students the values of teamwork, spirit, and comradery.
Photo of Buffalo Bandits at Fletcher  
Photo of Buffalo Bandits at Fletcher School.