Tona2020 TONA 2020 Task Force

The School District and City of Tonawanda have established a joint implementation task force to sustain progress on collaborative options resulting from the Shared Municipal Services Incentive (SMSI) grant report.

The task force will focus on two topics:
  • Financial
  • School Facilities/Program

The task force is comprised of representatives from both the
District and City, and relies upon the SMSI report as a foundation
for identifying additional collaborative/shared service options. 
Insofar as the SMSI report’s options overlap with the District’s
long-range goals (especially those relating to the sale of school
properties, the Clint Small Stadium transition and long-range
campus planning), the task force serves as a natural
complement and analytical resource for the District’s other
task force efforts.


Meeting Notes:

Meeting Notes August 2013