The TONA 2020 Task Force has NOT recently convened, but the district is still working to fulfill the mission and goals of TONA 2020. The task force will reconvene in the coming weeks and months. Please stay tuned to this page for future information.

Tona2020 TONA 2020 Task Force

The School District and City of Tonawanda have established a joint implementation task force to sustain progress on collaborative options resulting from the Shared Municipal Services Incentive (SMSI) grant report.

The task force will focus on two topics:
  • Financial
  • School Facilities/Program

The task force is comprised of representatives from both the
District and City, and relies upon the SMSI report as a foundation for identifying additional collaborative/shared service options. Insofar as the SMSI report’s options overlap with the District’s long-range goals (especially those relating to the sale of school properties, the Clint Small Stadium transition and long-range campus planning), the task force serves as a natural complement and analytical resource for the District’s other task force efforts.


Meeting Notes: