Tonawanda Middle/High School Theatre



2017-2018 Season

Tonawanda Alumni Auditorium
600 Fletcher St, Tonawanda, NY 14150
For more information contact Mr. Daniel Lynch at (716) 694-7670 x2258

Tonawanda Seniors look back on their years in the theatre program at TMHS...
We saw Dorothy and Toto
along on their way
down the yellow brick road
in a land far away.
Belle and her Beast
we knew long ago.
They lived happily every after,
as most fairy tales go.
We suffered with Seymour
and Audrey as well,
each one of them killed
by a plant straight from Hell.
Onto the fifties
we happened by chance.
We saw something more become
of a summer romance.
With the Addam's we danced
from the grave through the night.
We kept family together -
as is only right.
Now Dorothy is home,
Beast and Belle had their dance,
the world's been overrun
by blood sucking plants.
Sandy and Danny stayed lovers
to the end,
the Addams and Beinekes
are now family and friends.
And now our curtains have closed,
the audience gone.
We've turned off the lights
and sang our last song.
Throughout all the years
we've been through a lot.
But despite each of our struggles,
we've returned to this spot.
From behind the curtains or
standing in the light,
from the start of auditons
long past opening night.
We returned to the stage
despite where we've roamed.
We became our own family
and built our own home.
So to those who remain
I say "carry on...
keep the family going
til you reach your last song."
But to people like me
I say no need to fear.
If you find yourself lost,
remember home is right here.
- By Carly Strauch