• What Constitutes Residency?

    To register your child in the district, you must reside in the City of Tonawanda.  Additionally, in cases of divorce/separation/legal guardianship, New York State Court documentation will also be required.
    Residency guidelines are based, in part upon an individual's physical presence as an inhabitant within the geographical boundaries of the District as his or her actual and only place of residence.  
    A student's residence is presumed to be that of his/her parents/guardians. This presumption can in certain instances and in accordance with applicable law/regulations be rebutted by parents/guardians or the District, however.   
    To determine whether the presumption that a student resides with his or her parents/guardians has been rebutted, the following factors are considered relevant:
    1. Is the current address and living arrangements the student's actual and only address?
    2. Does the student intend to remain permanently in the District?
    3. Are the parents/legal guardians exercising custody or control over the student?
    4. Do the parents/legal guardians continue to support the student?
    5. Why is the student residing with others?  Whereas the sole reason for living with others is to take advantage of services available in the District, the Commissioner of Education has held that the student has not established residency.

    Specific questions pertaining to residency and enrollment can be directed to the building principal or the District Registrar at 694-7684.