• Copyright Information
    You must do one of the following:
    • even if you are using a free picture site you must include the web address of the picture somewhere on your site or either next to the picture.

    Pleasure Gait Farms or foxtrotters.tripod.com


    • you must read the copyright rule of the site you are using and follow those rules if they exist
    • Though you may not need to ask permission to use those images in the public domain (i.e. old images before 1923) when publishing on the Web for educational purposes, you still must cite these images unless otherwise notified! Check the slide rule below...
    • when in doubt don't use the picture
    • if the picture is copyrighted already (i.e. disney, NHL, etc) then you CANNOT under any circumstances use it.
    • Please use the following tools for all information on copyright as you are the only one responsible for anything on your website whether you have heard rules correctly, incorrectly or are assuming...
    Portion Limits
    Motion media: Up to 10% or 3 minutes
    Text: 10% or 1000 words
    Poems less than 250 words may be used but no
    more than 3 by the same poet
    Music, lyrics, music video
    10% but max 30 seconds
    Photographs and illustrations
    Max 5 images by same artist/photographer
    10% or 2500 field entries

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